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By: Ian Fox-Williams

Keywords: International Higher Education Partnerships; transnational education; TNE; collaborative provision

About My Project:

Looking at Post 92 UK HEIs and collaborative provision models of transnational education (TNE), using a Gramsci's theory of hegemony and Weber's theory on power the study will look at how these types of TNE partnerships are formed and look at the possible use of soft power demonstrated by universities in creating and operating partnerships of this kind. The study will seek to produce recommendations that stakeholders could incorporate in the strategic development and operational management of these types of TNE in order to make them more co-collaborative between an awarding university and an overseas education provider.

About Me:

Having taught on UK HE law programmes since 2006 around the globe, for the past 10 years I have had the strategic and operational responsibility on leading international initiatives at a post 92 UK HEI Law School. I have led on the development of TNE law programmes with a number of overseas partners in addition to possessing oversight of international student recruitment and student mobility. Currently I manage overseas TNE arrangements on undergraduate and postgraduate law degrees overseas. of law students and actively manage current TNE partner programmes. Currently I manage collaborative provision partnerships at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Ian Fox-Williams: Research
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